Best Safe Plants For Chameleons


As you plan to bring a chameleon home, you need to set up the cage as a close replication of nature to make your chameleon happy. In the wild, the chameleon spends a solitary life on the bush and is surrounded by many plants. So, you need to fill the chameleon’s enclosure with live or … Read more

Best Substrates for Ball Pythons Reviewed


Ball pythons being secretive-natured snakes have their origin from Ghana and Togo. The ball pythons are also called royal pythons, and they spend most of their time in termite mounds that have been abandoned or underground burrows. Their natural habitats include savannah, tropical rainforests, human-inhabited agricultural areas. The name ball python comes from the unique … Read more

Top 10 Best Heat Lamps For Ball Pythons


A stable and continuous heat source is an essential component of a ball python’s terrarium setup. Snakes aren’t able to regulate their body temperature! In nature, they’ll actually have the sun to soak the heat from, but in captivity, when they don’t have access to their own natural habitat, getting them a heat lamp is … Read more

Bearded Dragon Head Bobbing – Everything You Should Know


Bearded dragons do not communicate with one another through sounds. These dragons communicate via particular body language. They bob their heads to express their mood, health, and emotions. It is essential to understand the various gestures displayed by your lizard in order to comprehend their mental and physical behaviour patterns. Understanding head bobbing in bearded … Read more