Ball Python Shedding – Shedding Problems


In this post we are going to explain ball python shedding process in detail. Ball Python She​dding Behavior Ball Python Shedding occurs naturally as a snake grows. The Ball Pythons belly begins to turn pink and the eyes begin to fog over. Providing the proper humidity required by your Ball python is important to prevent non-problematic sheds. Maintain … Read more

How to Find a Lost Ball Python


If a ball python sees an opportunity to escape out of its enclosure, chances are that it most probably will. These are smooth, flexible, smart and crafty creatures when it comes to escaping. They look for dark and quiet spots to hide where they can feel safe and secure, hence the most ideal way to … Read more

How Big Does a Ball Python Get?


One of the first concerns a pet owner can have is how big their ball python can get and how to give them their right kind of enclosure/environment. Because of their size, ball pythons are generally considered friendly and therefore make for great pets that are easy to care for, especially for first time owners. … Read more

Interesting Bearded Dragon Facts


Bearded dragons are amazing creatures and if you either are thinking about getting one, already own one or are just generally interested in the bearded dragon then you might be keen to read up on some bearded dragon facts to find out a little more about them. That’s why we’ve put together this list of … Read more

What to Feed your Bearded Dragon | Bearded Dragon Diet


Feeding your bearded dragon the right foods in the right quantities is essential to making sure that your bearded dragon stays healthy. Feeding the wrong foods or not frequently enough can lead to malnutrition and serious health problems. Bearded dragons are omnivores meaning that they eat both animals and plants. Baby bearded dragons can eat mostly just … Read more

Baby Bearded Dragon Care Sheet


This baby bearded dragon care sheet was put together to help new bearded dragon owners to raise their baby bearded dragons so that they are both healthy and stress-free. If you have an adult bearded dragon please visit our adult bearded dragon care page. It covers everything from the type of foods you should be feeding your baby bearded … Read more