Feeding Bearded Dragons the Right Way


Bearded dragons by nature are omnivores, which means when feeding bearded dragons, they require both plants and animals. Your pet lizards are heavy eaters and they will eat just about any food that they can find. They enjoy a steady diet of many different types of plants and insects, from the staple entree of crickets, … Read more

Bearded Dragon Health: Problem Prevention


Bearded dragons are highly recommended for first-time reptile owners due to their friendly nature, ease of care, and hardiness.. Although they are known for enduring many harsh conditions, there are still diseases and other medical issues that, if left unnoticed or untreated, can become lethal to our beloved beardies. Dragon health problems can range from … Read more

Types of Bearded Dragon Species


There are many different types of bearded dragons that are native to Australia. Eight different species of these reptiles have already been discovered, but only a few of these are commonly kept as pets. Bearded dragons are of the genus Pogona, the subfamily Agamidae, and class Reptilia. It is believed that there are still many undiscovered species … Read more