How To Properly Wash Your Iguana?

The temperature and the amount of water for washing

Water must have the appropriate temperature, as the temperature of the bathing water must match with the iguana temperature. Water should have from 29 to 32 ° C.

If, during the washing, water Cools down, remove some water and add some hot water, and mix it with hand. Do not pour water directly at your iguana and do, if iguana is in the bath, not tap water in the tank from the pipe as the iguana can be scared by stream of water (unless it is already used to).

The level of water should not exceed the height of iguanas recumbent position, especially if we have an iguana which is  not used to swimming. If we have iguanas that are used to swimming, we can have water so high that they can swim but you have to be present at all times, that any accident does not happen ! If iguana is not used to swimming, then you can begin with a little bit of water to adapt it and every time you bath him, add it a little more.

At the bottom of a bathtub can be installed against the sliding base (fabric, rubber, …) that iguana will not slip and will feel better. Only swimming could be something new for your iguana and you need to get used to water, since some iguanas not only show dissent when in contact with water, but literally go crazy! Some can, although, feel very good in water.

When you put iguana in the water you can pour it’s back with it, it will be calmer, and also give him a gentle touch and a nice word.

If it tries to get out of the water, let it calm down again and slowly put it in the water (do not force him and push him in the water bath because it will become very unpleasant for him).

Do not leave iguana alone in the bathroom in a tub or pool (or elsewhere)! Take all the time possible so no accidents can happen. Even if it is already used to a bath, do not leave it alone without supervision! Not only iguana can drown, but could be otherwise damaged or undercooled!

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