Mississippi Map Turtles Habitat Checklist


Map Turtles are beautiful little aquatics creatures found throughout the United States through Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. They make amazing pets even for beginners but you need to be ready to take proper care of them. For the right care you will need the right tools and supplies. Below is the list of all … Read more

Painted Turtle Habitat Checklist


Painted turtles are one of the better turtle pets because they stay small. They average about six to eight inches. They’re very colorful turtles. A lot of them have a fair amount of red on them and some yellow. Painted turtles are native to North America. They are naturally found all the way from the … Read more

Mississippi Map Turtle (Gratemys kohni) Care Sheet


General Information:   Map Turtles are beautiful little aquatics found throughout the United States through Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. There are several type of species of Map Turtles, each having sub-species in them as well. Some of the most common map turtles include the False Map Turtle (Graptemys pseudogeographica pseudogeographica), Mississippi Map Turtle (Graptemys kohni), … Read more

Diamondback Terrapins Care Sheet


A Note from Me: Diamondback’s seem to catch my attention the most then any other turtle. I would have to say that it is indeed one of my favorite species of turtle. Though I currently don’t own any Diamondback’s of my own, I plan to get an Atlantic Diamondback Terrapin. Exclusive GTT Atlantic Diamondback Terrapin pictures … Read more

Common Snapping Turtle Care Sheet


Common Name(s): Common snapping turtle, common snapper Scientific Name: Chelydra serpentina Physical Description: These turtles have a very small plastron connected to the carapace by a narrow bridge on each side of its body.  The spiked tail is usually 0.6 to 1.2 times longer than the carapace.  The snapper is usually colored black, brown, or … Read more

Red Eared Slider Care Sheet


Red eared slider care involves many things, and as a turtle owner it’s most important to consider their habitat, handling, and feeding. Red eared slider turtles are the most popular turtle kept as pets because they are so loveable. They make a wonderful addition to your outdoor pond or indoor aquarium, as well as your home … Read more