Milk Snake Habitat Checklist


Milk snakes come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are NOT venomous and will tolerate moderate handling. They are very easy to take care of and do not require very much room. Milk snakes also only eat once a week. Compare that to a cat or dog! Milk snakes make wonderful pets if … Read more

King Snake Habitat Checklist


King snakes are very popular pet snakes because they’re really easy to take care of, pretty friendly and they don’t get too big. The get to 4 feet long in most cases but can sometimes grow up to 5 feet long. Below is the list of things you will need for a pet king snake. … Read more

Milk Snake Care Sheet


In this post I am going to show you my version of how to care for milk snakes. There are in my opinion multiple successful ways to raise a snake or any animal for that matter. This is just my way; other people might do it differently but as long as the snakes have all … Read more

King Snake Care Sheet


Juvenile & Adult King Snake Care BEDDING A clean dry enclosure with bedding of pine shavings, newspaper or indoor/outdoor carpeting. NEVER use cedar chips or sand as a bedding.  The vapors from the cedar will burn the respitory system of both neonates and adults and the sand can cause irritation or impaction of the digestive … Read more

Ball Python Care Sheet


If you are in search for a ball python care sheet, you are probably considering purchasing your first pet ball python or you have just purchased your first pet ball python. In either situation, I am sure that you want to keep your pet ball python in the best conditions possible. To help you with … Read more

Ball Python Habitat Checklist


Most pet snakes require very similar setups for their captive care. This similarity allows you to basically have the same equipment for any of the commonly kept pet snakes. The only variation on the typical pet snake enclosure is the size and range of temperatures. With the right equipment, temperatures can easily be varied to … Read more

Corn Snake Care Sheet


The corn snake is a “red rat snake” from the genus Elaphe guttata guttata. It has recently been regrouped into the classification Pantheropis instead of Elaphe, but in many places is still listed as Elaphe. It is an easily tamed snake that can be kept alone or in groups, available in a variety of colours … Read more

Corn Snake Habitat Checklist


Corn snake is one of the most famous snakes that is kept as a pet. They are relatively inexpensive to buy; has a gentle disposition around people; has minimal maintenance requirements; is very attractive and easy to handle. What is a corn snake? Corn snakes come from the Colubrid family of snakes. A colubrid is … Read more