What to do When Your iguana has Worms


Pinworms are a common problem in iguanas, my iguana had them herself when she was younger. I had her for several months before I noticed that when she defecated her feces was literally crawling. – Ew! As a note, they are also common in almost everything, including humans! They are usually not dangerous, but if … Read more

How To Properly Wash Your Iguana?


The temperature and the amount of water for washing Water must have the appropriate temperature, as the temperature of the bathing water must match with the iguana temperature. Water should have from 29 to 32 ° C. If, during the washing, water Cools down, remove some water and add some hot water, and mix it … Read more

How to Train Your Pet Iguana (Training Iguana)


I adopted Babe from a reptile lover, was quite knowledgeable about proper care. He fed him properly, supplementing his diet with calcium and gave him the necessary lighting and climate control. His enclosure was a large converted dining hutch with all the essential items, but the expense of food and the upkeep of his large … Read more

Taming Your New Pet Iguana


Iguanas belong to the same family as lizards do. They are cold-blooded creatures and, just like other reptiles, their body temperature adapts to the temperature of their surroundings. This is why iguanas have an impressive capability to thrive and survive long in their environment. The most basic and distinct features of iguanas are their very … Read more

Pros and Cons of Owning a Pet Iguana


Pros of Owning an Iguana Dogs are a man’s best friend – this is what we often hear. But would you readily believe it if I told you that an iguana could be man’s best friend too? You have surely heard many stories about people treating their pet cats, dogs, birds, and even fishes as their … Read more