Best Safe Plants For Chameleons


As you plan to bring a chameleon home, you need to set up the cage as a close replication of nature to make your chameleon happy. In the wild, the chameleon spends a solitary life on the bush and is surrounded by many plants. So, you need to fill the chameleon’s enclosure with live or … Read more

How much does a Chameleon Cost?


Chameleons are amazing animals and very peculiar creatures among the reptiles for their characteristics such as color-changing behavior, water drinking habits, and long sticky tongue. All of these characteristics make Chameleons very special among all reptiles. They can be very good pets, yet a lot of effort goes into taking care of them, making them … Read more

Do Chameleons Lay Eggs or Give Live Birth


Keeping a Chameleon as your pet is a tricky business, and especially when you’re trying to breed them. Like their peculiar nature, these color-changing creatures are different in terms of breeding. The question arises, whether Chameleons lay eggs or give live birth? The answer differs for different species of Chameleons; some species lay eggs, and … Read more

Why Do Chameleons Puff Up?


Chameleon as a pet has gained more popularity among children after its adorable appearance in one of Disney’s popular movies, “Tangled.” These creatures are very interesting when you look at their behaviors and activities in particular. They are also known as color-changing creatures. They are found to have changed their color under different circumstances, such … Read more

How Much Water Do Chameleons Drink?


Chameleons are bizarrely shaped and colored lizards from the world of reptiles. These unique creatures can change their color and have a pair of striking eyes, which can look in two different directions at once and contain a long sticking tongue. They are extremely territorial and overprotective about their bush. Like every other living thing, … Read more

Chameleon Skin Shedding: Everything you Should Know


Chameleons are fascinating reptiles for the number of traits they possess, starting from a long sticking-out tongue to grab insects to puff up and change colours. All these characteristics make Chameleon very unique among the reptiles. It becomes complicated for their keepers to handle their uniqueness, as their unique traits can sometimes get challenging to … Read more

Chameleons Habitat Checklist


Are you bringing a chameleon home soon? I will be teaching you the first steps to take to arrange and organize the home of your pet to make it comfortable and cozy. Starting with what to put in mind before to purchase a suitable enclosure online on the Reptiles supplies Store or in your surrounding’s … Read more

Chameleons Care Sheet


Scientific name The scientific classification of this reptile follows some processes like class, order, family, genera, and species. Class:  reptilia (they are categorized as reptiles) Order: Squamata Family: chamaeleonidae Genera: 7 Species:   200 Chameleons are an exciting and distinctive animal with a prehensile tail, 360-degree field of vision, and an tongue that can extrude up to … Read more