Crested Geckos Habitat Checklist

Crested Geckos (Rhacodactylus ciliatus), thought to be extinct until rediscovered in 1994, are from New Caledonia (a small island east of Australia). These geckos are native to the temperate rainforests of the region and are nocturnal in nature.

The Crested gecko grows to about 8-10 and 35-50 grams with tail. The Crested gecko’s true life span is unknown as these geckos have been living in captivity a relatively short time. However, it is believed the Crested gecko can live up to 30 years if well cared for.

Crested Gecko Supplies List

Below is the list of things you will need for your crested gecko.


Crested geckos are Arboreal meaning they spend most of their lives in the trees. As such, you should make certain that you provide your geckos with plenty of vertical space and lots of foliage to climb on within their enclosures. Check here our list of top 5 best crested gecko terrariums.


Crested geckos can live at room temperature without the need for extra lighting or heat. Cresties fare well in the 60-75° F range. (Note: fluxuation between night and day temperatures is perfectly acceptable and even favorable.)

Temperatures must not be allowed to rise above 80-85°.; If they do the geckos WILL get stressed possibly to the point of death. I recommend that you have a digital thermometer to monitor temperature.


Crested geckos do require a light daily misting to create the lightly humid environment that they favor in the wild (90% after night time misting and 60% during the daytime dry period).

I recommend that you have a digital Hygrometer to monitor humidity. Your geckos will have shedding issues if you cannot maintain an appropriate humidity level.

Be sure you monitor the humidity and temperature more closely whenever you recieve a new gecko, change caging, or experience any other environmental changes (such as season shifts).


You can use a simple paper towel as substrate for your crested gecko but the purposed made substrate aren’t very expensive and you can buy it very easily.

Water bowl (optional but good idea)

While a water dish should be provided at all times, most Crested geckos prefer to drink by licking water droplets off themselves, their leaves, cage walls, etc.

Spray bottles

I recommend misting twice daily for hatchlings and once daily for juveniles and adults making sure to allow the enclosure to dry out between misting. If your enclosure does not dry out between misting, I recommend misting the cage with less saturation vs. less frequency.


Crested geckos also enjoy items in which they can take cover such as hides or items which they can hide under.


Naturalistic enclosures may also be used with soil substrate and embellished with live plants.


Crested Geckos are omnivores; meaning that they eat primarily fruit and insects.

I feed my geckos Repashy Superfoods Crested Gecko Diet which I replace new every other day. That is what I highly recommend! It has always served me well and other diets can cause severe health problems in your geckos.

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