Top 6 Best Crested Gecko Terrariums Recommendations

Crested geckos also known as eyelash geckos, make fantastic pets especially because of their easy care and low maintenance. It’s a well-suited pet lizard for new lizard owners and even children. This specific species of geckos was once thought to be extinct until rediscovered in 1994.

We have picked out 6 terrariums that we think are best for Geckos. Each terrarium has different features and is a bit different from others, but each one of them is right for geckos in its own way. So, let’s take a look at our 6 picks of best crested gecko terrarium.

Top 6 Best Crested Gecko Cages

Editor’s PicksCageOur Rating
Best OverallPVC Panel Reptile Enclosure by Zen Habitats5
Most AffordableZilla Vertical Tropical Starter Kit 4.5
Best for BeginnersExo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Kit4.3

Below are detailed reviews of terrariums for crested geckos.

1. Best Overall: 2’x2’x2′ PVC Panel Reptile Enclosure



  • Best tank for crested geckos
  • Durable: Made from high quality material
  • 60 gallon equivalent – Best for adult crested gecko
  • Humidity levels from 0% to 100%  depending on need
  • Front swinging acrylic doors for easy access
  • Galvanized steel screen with support bars for security and multiple lighting options
  • Humidity Shield included (but optional) for top screen  keeps humidity high while allowing for ventilation
  • Humidity Shield helps maintain humidity while providing ventilation
  • 3 year warranty*

Zen Habitats is a US-based company that specializes in manufacturing reptile enclosures. We have been using their products for quite some time now. They offer enclosures for almost every reptile and amphibian.

The 2’x2’x2′ PVC Panel Reptile Enclosure is our favorite enclosure for crested geckos. Made of 1″ anodized aluminum, bamboo printed PVC panels, front swinging acrylic doors, a galvanized steel screen top, and galvanized screen top.

The steel screen top is equipped with screen support bars and wire grommets, allowing you to place your lighting fixtures either within or outside the enclosure.

The Non-reflective surfaces reduce anxiety. This is especially helpful if you have a male crested gecko because they are territorial and do not like their own reflections.

This enclosure measures 2’x2’x2′ which is equal to 60-gallons of space for your gecko to climb, run around, and exercise. The extra space also gives you the freedom to decorate your tank the way you like without compromising the space.

2. Zilla Vertical Tropical Starter Kit



  • Ideal for crested geckos, tree frogs and many other small size lizards.
  • Durable glass build.
  • Large front door with locking latch for easy access and security
  • Hinged top for easy access.
  • Waterproof base (Can hold 5 inches of water in the bottom)
  • Comes with a feeding dish, temp gauge, and substrate.
  • Takes only a small space
  • A lot of vertical climbing space
  • Mini Halogen Dome with light bulb
  • Ships with reinforced packaging to protect product

Zilla Tropical Reptile Vertical Starter Kit is another very good option on our list of best crested gecko terrariums. It’s an ideal choice for beginners as it comes with many accessories needed for crested gecko care.  It comes with substrate, textured background, a mini halogen dome, halogen light bulb, some coconut husk bedding, thermometer, and a hygrometer so you can maintain a comfortable environment for your crested gecko.

This terrarium measures 12 x 12 x 18 inches which is a perfect size for a crested gecko. It offers a lot of vertical space for your crested gecko to climb and exercise. It comes with a large door for easy access to the interior. The door has a hinge for easy opening and a latch for locking to make sure your gecko doesn’t escape the terrarium.

So, if you are looking for a good starter kit for crested gecko, we recommend the Zilla tropical kit because it has everything needed to take care of them and will get you started in no time.  

3. Exo Terra Glass Nano



  • Glass terrarium best for crested geckos and many other reptiles
  • Patented front window ventilation
  • Waterproof base
  • Raised bottom frame in order to install a substrate heater.
  • Escape-proof door locks
  • Closable inlets for wires and/or tubing management
  • Natural-Looking Rock Background (extra climbing space for geckos)

The Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Nano is the perfect terrarium for crested gecko. It is available in 12 different sizes, all built with the same features. The front opening door on the nano/tall model makes feeding and maintenance very easy.

The terrarium comes with a removable full-screen top that allows UVB and infrared penetration and make cleaning easier. It also features a specially designed lock that will prevent your gecko from escaping.

Crested geckos like vertical climbing space, so a tall terrarium is preferred. The Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Nano tall model is the best option for them. You can easily fit decorating items inside the terrarium like plants and make a realistic crested gecko habitat.

The Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Nano terrarium comes with closable inlets for tubing and wires that make installing the heater and misting tools a lot easier. It also features a waterproof base so that water does not leak out.

4. Zoo Med ReptiBreeze



  • A better option for crested geckos and many other arboreal species of lizards
  • Corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum mesh
  • Large front door for easy cage access
  • Large bottom door for easy substrate removal
  • Easy to assemble (requires only a screwdriver)
  • Good for ventilation.
  • Large enough for 2 geckos.
  • Good for vertical climbing space.
  • All hardware included

Zoo Med ReptiBreeze is an open-air screen cage with a more natural look. It is made of specially treated anodized aluminum mesh. Unlike the previous Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium which is made of glass. It’s available in 4 different sizes i.e. small, medium, large and extra-large. The medium size which is 16 x 16 x 30-Inches is enough space to house 2 smaller geckos.

It offers a lot of vertical space for your gecko to climb, something crested geckos love to do. You can add a lot of plants to the enclosure to make it look natural and for the gecko to climb on.

Zoo Med ReptiBreeze comes with a large front door that makes cleaning and maintaining the enclosure easy. Also, at the bottom of the cage, it has a drawer that is designed in a way to make the substrate cleaning easy. Substrates do get dirty after sometimes, so having a drawer at the bottom is a plus point.

5. Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit



  • Ideal for snakes, frogs, lizards, and geckos
  • Durable glass build.
  • Dual front doors for an escape free access
  • Unique front window ventilation
  • Full metal screen for top ventilation
  • Compact top lighting system
  • Natural-Looking rock background
  • Includes all necessary decoration items

Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit is another great starter kit for crested geckos. It comes with all the necessary tools needed for crested geckos such as substrate, water dish, jungle vines, jungle rope and care guide that will get you started in no time.

This crested gecko terrarium comes with dual opening doors. This is specifically beneficial in accessing the interior of the tank for cleaning, feeding and other maintenance. The front of the tank has unique window ventilation which means a lot of fresh air for your pet.  

6. Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium



  • Special screen top
  • Lockable door for safety and security
  • Front and top ventilation
  • Full Front glass opening door with snap closure.
  • 6 power cord and airline tubing exit slots.

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium is a simple but durable terrarium with a more natural look. So, if your are looking for a natural looking crested gecko habitat then this would be a great fit for you.

It is available in 3 different sizes. For crested gecko, we recommend a medium-size which is 12 x 12 x 18. It offers enough vertical space for geckos who love to climb.

The tank is made of glass that allows you to see and monitor your pet’s activities without opening the terrarium. It also features a special screen top that keeps feeder insects in while allowing greater UVA and UVB penetration which is a bonus point.

Ideal House for Crested Geckos

Crested geckos are arboreal and active animals and need lots of vertical space for climbing so a tall tank is preferred. A 20-gallon tall terrarium is sufficient for an adult crested gecko but remember, the bigger the tank the better. If you are planning to house 2 or 3 crested geckos together then at least a 30-gallon tank is recommended.

Baby Crested Gecko tank

Keeping a baby crested gecko in a small glass terrarium will benefit it more whose size should be smaller than 10 gallons with a screen lid which promotes ventilation and fresh air in the tank. But in the community, size of the tank is debatable among people for baby crested geckos. Some owners may argue that their pets in large tanks have difficulty finding water & food sources while others don’t agree with that statement since theirs find it with ease.

You have to keep an eye out on your baby crested geckos weight when starting in a small enclosure and as it grows with time you should upgrade the terrarium accordingly in the best interest of your pet crested geckos health because they become stressed in a smaller size thank.

Rule of Thumb

A good rule of thumb that you can follow to keep track and know when to upgrade is if the crested gecko is under 5 grams in weight the tank size should be under 10 gallons & if its weight is over 5 grams the tank size should be over 10 gallons and so on.

Crested Gecko Tank Setup

To live a long and happy life your pet crested gecko needs to feel safe and comfortable in a secure environment in its enclosure where it is not affected by various health issue because of poor cage design and setup.

When designing your crested gecko vivarium, make sure you add stuff like vines, bamboo, cork bark and driftwood for the gecko to climb. We also recommend adding some non-poisonous plants for a more natural look.

Even though, crested geckos will mostly drink water droplets from plants after you’ve done misting manually or through misting systems but you will still need a water dish with fresh water available at all times inside the enclosure along with it.

Things Needed in Crested Gecko Cage

The best crested gecko habitat includes the following items which will make your pet right at home where it feels safe, secure, and comfortable.

Material of Tank

It should be a tall tank where it’s difficult for your pet to jump out of or escape. Some owners prefer mesh, acrylic or glass for their pet crested gecko tank but commonly used are mesh. But glass material is recommended for various reasons such as, its very easy to clean and maintain, it provides for a good and easy view of the pet to owners and most importantly it has the ability to maintain better temperature & humidity levels inside the enclosure.

Combination of glass and mesh is even better where the mesh placed on top will allow for fresh air circulation in the tank and promotes ventilation as well.

Substrates quality

Substrates quality is an important decision you as an owner will take to provide healthy and clean environment to your crested gecko. Crested geckos do prefer if you use newspapers or paper towels but the moisture in the cage will get it all messy. To counter that problem we recommend using zoo meds eco earth, additionally it will complement the real plants being used in the crested gecko terrarium.  

Hides Placement

Crested geckos are climbers and love to climb, rest and hide at top of the plants and tank. Placing hides on the base will most of the time be ignored since they spend very little time on ground and don’t come down often. One of the times they come is ti bury their eggs. Placing hides higher above the ground where it’s safe & leveled is the way to go for your pet crested gecko.

Lighting Systems

Now that you’ve brought crested gecko back home they spend most of their time inside the tank, it is your job to give them the amount of light which their bodies require to absorb UVB through their skins so in turn they may get adequate amount of vitamin D which are much needed for their bones.

Because they are away from their natural habitats where they have access to it. Not getting enough light and UVB can cause bone related disease in your crested gecko which can lead to death if not addressed properly on time.

Humidity and Temperature

After you have set up the cage and its put under the necessary lighting the next step is to ensure the correct humidity and temperature for your crested gecko inside the tank. After placing all the required accessories such as plants and substrates you can use this digital thermometer and hygrometer to make sure the humidity is at optimal between 60 to 80 percent inside the tank and the temperature between 78 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit i.e., (25.5 – 28 degrees Celsius).

Feeding Ledge

To help crested gecko eat and drink with ease above the surface, feeding ledges can be installed. It is a great addition to your crested gecko habitat where they can enjoy meal times without having to come to the enclosures surface & giving it the freedom it needs. We recommend using this magnetic gecko ledge.

Before Buying a Crested Gecko Terrarium a few things should be considered

Here are some pointers that should be kept in mind before buying an enclosure for your pet crested gecko.

  • Crested geckos love to climb and are known for it so preference should be given to tall terrariums.
  • Get additional items if they are not included or it maybe needed as spare such as bulbs, other lighting accessories, heat producing items, non-toxic plants & misting systems.  
  • Follow the rule of thumb of 5 grams and 10 grams to get below 10 gallons or above 10 gallon terrarium.
  • Get a humidity and temperature gauge to keep the optimal levels needed for crested gecko.
  • Crested geckos can be quite jumpy and escape its enclosure now and then, to prevent that from happening make sure you get an enclosure with secure doors from the front & at the top for ease of access and ventilation.


Crested gecko habitats play an important role in the well being and happiness of your pets. The habitat you provide along with fulfilling all the needs of your pet gecko will surely be cherished & loved by it. All the best crested gecko terrariums have been listed by us in detail for you with our research & experience. Just keep in mind the points we discussed and you’ll have no issues selecting the one that’s right for your beloved pet.

Edward Jones is Editor-in-Chief at AZ Reptiles. He is a true reptile lover. He has a lot of experience in keeping and breeding most reptile pets.

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