Top 5 Best Chameleon Cages Reviews and Guide

Chameleons are fun pets to have and care for. They don’t leave much of a mess, and don’t have nearly as many territorial disputes as other pets. You have to keep them safe and care for them, but they make great friends and sometimes live to be over 10 years old.

Unique in nature, a chameleon can change it’s color based on how it feels, temperature, nutrition, and other strongly influencing factors. Usually the darker colors like red or red-brown mean that your chameleon isn’t doing so well, while brighter colors like green and yellow mean they are happy and content.

Ideal Habitat for Chameleon

There are a number of aspects that need to be considered when choosing a cage for your pet chameleon. Below are the most important factors that cannot be missed while picking an ideal cage for chameleon.

Size of Cage

The height of your chameleon habitat is very important because chameleons are reptiles that need vertical height and will not tolerate a small cage where their mobility will be affected and hampered. I advise that the cage measuring should not be less than 16 x 16 x 30”, but again it always depends on your chameleon size.


Temperature plays a vital role in the well being of the chameleons. Generally, a chameleon requires a daytime temperature ranging from 77 to 87 degrees and a nighttime temperature of 65 to 75 degrees. To gauge the temperature inside the enclosure, we recommend installing a thermometer.


Make sure that the cage you choose for your chameleon can hold the level of humidity required for them. Generally, the ideal humidity level for chameleons lies between 50 to 70% depending on the specie you are keeping a pet. Every specie of chameleon requires different levels of humidity inside their enclosures, some prefer more humid environment than the others. In order to maintain the correct humidity level, you will need to install a hygrometer inside the cage.


Lighting is another essential aspect to consider. Chameleons need to be exposed to UVB lights regularly to produce the required vitamin D for the body. Make sure that the cage you choose for your chameleon has space to fit these lights.


Plants are an essential part of a chameleon’s habitat. You will need to place a few plants inside your chameleon cage where they can climb and have a good time. Make sure the plants are nontoxic. Make sure the enclosure you pick for your chameleon has enough space to fit in a few plants.

Resistance to Rust

Chameleon prefers a more humid environment, which means you will have to spray water or even attach a water source permanently. Hence the cage is always exposed to water; this will also increase the chances of rusting. The cage you pick for your chameleon needs to be resistant to rust.

Based on the factors discussed above, here is a list of best chameleon cages available in the market.

5 Best Chameleon Cages

Here is a list of best chameleon cages.

1. Zen Habitats Reptile Enclosure


  • Large enclosure– 120-gallon equivalent
  • Retains high humidity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good ventilation 
  • Durable (superior to standard PVC)
  • Acrylic doors for easy access
  • Screened Substrate Shield for easy viewing
  • Non-reflective surfaces that reduce anxiety
  • 3 years warranty 

Zen habitat is one of the best companies that manufacture reptile enclosure. They make cages for many types of reptiles such as bearded dragons, geckos, and chameleons. They offer 3 years warranty for their products which you won’t find anywhere else when buying a chameleon cage.

This 2’x2’x4′ Zen Habitats Reptile Enclosure with PVC Panels is the perfect option for chameleons as it retains high humidity and offers plenty of horizontal and vertical space for chameleons to run about, climb and exercise. 

The cage features large front opening Acrylic doors that make cleaning and maintaining of the enclosure a lot easier. Most of the cages available in the market open from the top that can cause stress for your chameleon because they can get stressed out if approached from above. That’s why Zen habitat has decided to place the doors in the front of the cage that minimizes stress when approaching your pet. 

The enclosure comes with a substrate shield; you can choose between screen or acrylic shields. The screen shield is for increased ventilation. They have also included support bars and wire grommets in the screen top that makes it easier to install lights and heat bulbs inside or outside of the enclosure. 

2. Zoo Med ReptiBreeze


  • All necessary hardware included
  • Easy to assemble (only a screwdriver is needed)
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy access 

This open-air cage from Zoomed is the perfect option for housing chameleons. Even though the medium size which is 16x16x30″ is ok for chameleon but we still recommend the deluxe version which is 24x24x48″ because it offers comparatively larger horizontal and vertical space for your pet to run around and exercise. Besides chameleons, this cage is also best for other arboreal lizards like geckos and Anoles, etc. 

The cage comes with all the needed hardware and is reasonably easy to assemble. It is made up of corrosion-resistant black aluminum, which looks beautiful and also durable. It features a sturdy, rust- and corrosion-resistant black aluminum frame and screen top, with large doors for easy bottom cleaning. The clear acrylic door panel provides unobstructed terrarium viewing, and a removable floor tray makes the substrate cleaning very easy.

3. Exo Terra Screen Terrarium


  • 18″ x 18″ x 24″ (A lot of vertical space)
  • Large front doors for easy access 
  • Bottom doors for easy substrate cleaning
  • Cricket Proof Screen
  • Made up of corrosion-resistant black anodized aluminum
  • Easy assembly

The Exo Terra Screen Terrarium is one of the best options not only for chameleon but many other arboreal reptiles and amphibians. The aluminum screen mesh allows ultraviolet rays from UVB bulbs to penetrate deep inside the cage. The design provides non-restricted air-flow offering optimal ventilation, which means your pet will breathe fresh air at all times. It also helps in minimizing odors and fungus growth inside the enclosure. The temperature gradient helps reptiles in regulating their body temperature effectively. 

The cage comes with a substrate tray that allows you to place a small layer of substrate, which is specifically helpful in absorbing spray water and increasing humidity level. The substrate you put in the substrate tray can easily be removed through the bottom doors. The assembly of the enclosure is reasonably easy; the whole enclosure can be put together using only a screwdriver. 

4. Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat


  • Durable (Aluminum frame is sturdy and long-lasting)
  • PVC bottom (durable and water-resistant)
  • Two hinged doors for easy cleaning and maintenance. 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Very affordable 

Unlike other enclosures we mentioned in this post, the Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat is a bit small measuring 18” x 30” inches. Despite its small size, its still one of the best cages for pet chameleons. It features two big doors that make the cleaning of the cage very easy. 

This cage is made up of durable and water-resistant material that will last for a long time. It provides full visibility of the inside and offers enough light and proper ventilation for your pet chameleon to live a healthy life. The design allows installing all the lights, UVB bulbs, and other accessories with ease.

5. Zoo Med Repti Breeze Chameleon Kit


  • Great for beginner Chameleon owners
  • Includes all necessary things needed for a chameleon
  • Best size
  • Easy to setup

Zoo Med’s ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit is one of the best options available for chameleons. This is a complete package that includes a 16x16x30 naturalistic cage, UVB lights, Naturalistic plants, Digital Thermometer, Reptivite sample, Repticalcium sample, Reptisafe sample, Vine and carpet that will get you started in no time. The kit works great for all kind of chameleon species. 

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