Top 3 Best Bearded Dragon Cages and Setup Guide

Are you planning to keep a bearded dragon as a pet in your home?

If the answer is yes, then you would be well advised to create a natural environment and a mini-eco system which can enable your pet to experience its natural habitat. A Vivarium is a wonderful place for your pet rather than just using a rabbit hutch or a hamster cage.

Bearded dragons are naturally found in the desert of Australia. You want to duplicate their natural environment as much as possible. To create a great habitat that your bearded dragon will love, this post is for you.

The most important thing you will need when you bring a new beardie home is a cage tank, vivarium, terrarium or whatever you call it. When choosing a cage for your bearded dragon, the first thing to consider is size. Bearded dragons needs a relatively larger enclosure to live a healthy life.

Ideal Bearded Dragon Tank Size

Make sure you get a large enough cage for your bearded dragon where he/she can run about and exercise. A cage too small can be extremely stressful for bearded dragons and may lead to many health issues. The table below will help you determine the best cage size for your beardie.

Bearded Dragon Tank Size

Bearded Dragon Size Ideal Enclosure Size
Baby Bearded Dragons 20-gallon tank is the best cage size for a baby dragon. It give them enough room and also makes it easier to catch the insects.
10-16 Inch Dragons For a young adult bearded dragon, you will needs at least a 40-gallon tank. However, the larger the cage the better.
16-20 Inch Dragons If you have a bearded dragon that is 16 to 20 inches, you will need at least a 50-gallon tank. However, they do best in a 75-gallon tank.
20+ Inch Dragons For bearded dragons that are over 20 inches long, you will need a minimum of 75-gallon tank, but a 120-gallon would be the best option.

Type of Cages for Bearded Dragons

There are many different typess of bearded dragon tanks available for bearded dragons. Below is the list of most common bearded dragon cages/tanks.

  • Glass Aquariums
  • Melamine cages
  • PVC cages
  • ABS Cages
  • Vision Cages

Glass Aquariums

Glass aquariums are the most used type of cages for bearded dragons and many other reptiles. These enclosures can be found easily at any local pet store or online stores like amazon.

The only problem with glass aquariums is that it can be heavy compared to other types of enclosures. Also, glass is not very great with holding heat very well; however, it’s not an issue for bearded dragons.

Melamine Cages

Melamine tank/cages are built out of melamine board. You can either build one yourself from melamine board available at hardware stores or buy a ready-made one from a store.

Bearded dragons love melamine enclosures; however, they can be very expensive and also extremely heavy.

PVC Cages

PVC and melamine cages are almost identical except PVC cages are made out of plastic. These cages look better than melamine cages since the plastic is smooth and attractive. However, PVC cages can be very costly, even than melamine cages.

ABS Cages

ABS cages are made out of ABS plastic which is lightweight and sturdy. Other than the material, ABS and PVC enclosures look and work almost the same.

As they are made out of lightweight and sturdy material, ABS cages can be stacked and moved easily.

Vision Cages

Vision cages are made out of one moulded piece of plastic, which makes it sturdy and stackable. Vision cages are very expensive but still most of the breeders use it because they stackable which save space.

Cages to Avoid

You should avoid the “all in one” or “starter kits” for bearded dragons that are usually advertised as beginners friendly because these are usually very low quality.


These starter kits may seem like a good deal at first as it offers almost everything needed to take care of a bearded dragon however, these tend to be crap. From low-quality bulbs that don’t emit enough UVB to the size of the cage being too small….. you are better off buying a stand-alone cage and then set it up yourself.

Things to Look for in a Bearded Dragon Enclosure

  • Must allow for proper air circulation.
  • Must be able to retain the correct temperature.
  • The shortest dimension of the cage should not be less than the length of the adult bearded dragon.
  • Must be secure enough so your beardie cannot escape it.
  • Should be easy to clean.
  • It should have enough space to house at least basic furniture.
  • There should be enough space so your beardie cannot come into direct contact with a heat lamp.
  • The cage should be made of safe material and should not emit toxic fumes when exposed to heat.
  • It should be high enough to accommodate bearded dragons arboreal activities.

3 Best Bearded Dragon Cages

Below is the list of 3 best bearded dragon enclosures that both you and your beardie will love.

1: Zen Habitat Reptile Enclosure

2: Carolina Custom Cage

3: Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium

Now that you have bought a nice bearded dragon enclosure, its time to decorate it with the right tools and equipment so your beardie can enjoy his/her stay.

How to Setup Bearded Dragon Cage?

Sitting up a proper bearded dragon habitat is not a very hard thing to do. Its actually very fun. Below is a list of things needed inside the bearded dragon cage.

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